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Troupe Imaginarium is pleased  to provide 

Original and Classical Music 


  Flutes of Fancy & Skylar van Joolen


Dear Students & Parents,

    Welcome to Troupe Imaginarium!  We are excited to have found at home at Chesapeake Academy's Louise B. Sivy Theatre, where educating young learners is our specialty. We are looking forward to a fabulous fall semester!

    Creative Arts and Drama teach children a host of skills including confident self-expression and public speaking, leadership, collaboration, team work, project management, memorization, time management, and strengthens reading skills. In addition, the art of dramatic and artistic interpretation exposes children to other people and cultures in a way that encourages understanding through creative expression. 

    During our classes, the older students will learn theatre terms, basic stagecraft, auditioning, writing, critiquing, be introduced to working with a script, and experience the process of producing short one act plays. Costumes and sets will be suggestive likenesses as the emphasis is on the experience not the product.  In some classes, parents will be invited to attend an informal class performance on the last day of the session. More information on the performances will be distributed at the beginning of the class.  Younger students will focus on movement and self expression using a combination of classic and original poetry, songs, and art.

     Each student will receive a T-Shirt and a folder containing the ďActorís Creed,Ē word games, class information, and the script if applicable.  All artistic materials will be provided.  Students in Nursery Rhymes and Puppet Play will also receive a music CD by Flutes of Fancy , and Puppet Students will receive a finger puppet.  Students should wear their T-Shirt to class.  Parents, please remind your child to bring the folder to each class. Also, I hope you will review the information, discuss the classes with your children during the week, and encourage them to study their lines or practice the exercises and skills we are learning.  In those classes using scripts, roles will be assigned by a random drawing of names on first day of session.  The only exception are audition workshops and advanced production classes.

    We are here to provide a fun, educational, and creatively stimulating space for your child to develop beginning public speaking, performing, musical, and artistic skills.  It is our hope that we will grow and continue to provide excellence in craft and education for many years to come.  To that end, should your child be cast in any offsite productions, please notify us as we would be interested in buying an ad for the program.  In addition, we would also appreciate a credit in her or his program bio.  (A tab listing upcoming local auditions can be found at the top of page).  Also, we appreciate your patronage and recommendations to potential students.  As a thank you for your support, we are happy to offer you a $5 discount on a future class for each paid student you refer.

    If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions about Troupe Imaginarium at any time, please donít hesitate to contact me at EMAIL.

Quills up!


Beverly Hill van Joolen

Artistic Director, Troupe Imaginarium



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