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  Chesapeake Academy

1185 Baltimore Annapolis Boulevard, Arnold, MD 21012


No experience is necessary and all materials provided unless specifically stated in description.  



4-WEEK SESSIONS:  (different stories, scripts, songs, projects are used each session in a season)

❏  Acting Naturally : Introduction to acting - terminology, projection, breathing, & movement, etc.  Uses a different, original script each month.

❏  Nursery Rhymes, Songs, & Puppet Play: Introduction to movement, voice, & expression using adapted nursery rhymes and puppets, & songs **
 Fairytales & Fables : Introduction to acting through production of one-act adapted fairytale, fable, myth, or melodrama.  *

❏  Art and the Nursery Rhyme, Fairytale &Fable:  Introduction to color, texture, and design using a variety of materials.

❏  Masks & Storytelling:  Create masks to interpret a beloved classic or your own story.

❏  Characters - Good & Bad:  Learn to understand characters, what makes them tick, and how to portray both good & bad characters

❏  Intro to Scene Design:  

❏  Intro to Prop Design:

❏  Intro to Set Decoration:

❏  Intro to Lights & Sound:

❏  Intro to Basic Stage Combat:

❏  Yoga for Actors:


 **Puppet & Flutes of Fancy CD included.   * Flutes of Fancy CD included


10 - WEEK SESSIONS:  1 hour per class, $225 per session

Acting with Intent Intermediate acting, developing technique, characterization, motivation, and script analysis. Pre-requisite:  Acting Naturally or commensurate experience.
Acting to Act: Advanced acting using developing skills to audition, perform, and produce a one-act script. Pre-requisite:  Acting With Intent or commensurate experience.

Shakespeare Rocks! :  Practical use of skills through production of one-act adapted Shakespeare or other classic tale.

Yoga for Actors: Stretching, breathing, meditation, and preparation for getting into your creative space.

Theatre Make-Up : Learn the basics of stage make-up. Materials fee is $40 for a Professional make-up kit.
Writing a Script: Take an idea and turn it into a one-act play.
Writing a Musical: Take an idea and turn it into a one-act musical.
Writing Film & Theatre Reviews:  Watch movies or plays with a critical eye, then develop and write reviews.

Diggin' Your CharacterOnce you've been cast, the real work begins! Learn how to interpret and develop a believable character who comes to life on the stage.

ONE-DAY WORKSHOPS: length and fee varies
Audition Basics: Learn how to present an authoritative audition from forms to finish.

Auditions for Musicals: Learn how to stand out in the crowd with voice, dance, and cold reading.
Auditions for Drama/Comedy: Cold readings, choosing a monologue, and presentation with style.
Intro to Stage Management and Production Direction: A show doesn't go on by theatre magic alone.  Learn how to organize and run a production from behind the stage and in the front of the house.

Introduction to Directing: Learn what it takes to become a stage director, from choosing a script, to interviewing for the position, recruiting your artistic staff, casting, and staging a show.  Identifies all jobs necessary to create a top-notch production from actor to box office.

❏  More classes being added all the time.


PRIVATE COACHING for PUBLIC SPEAKING or ACTING:  $65/hour:  Private Coaching is available for adults and youth.  Sessions can be scheduled one-time in preparation for a specific event, or can be on-going. 






CERTIFICATE OF THEATRE EXCELLENCE:  Troupe Imaginarium is pleased to offer a study program for serious theatre students to certify as a junior trained actor.  After completion of the scheduled curriculum, including participation in a minimum of two dramatic performances and one musical - at least two in a community theatre forum, the candidate will stand an oral board and present an approved project of his or her choice.  Applications for certification must be received by October 31st of each year.  Up to five students per year will be accepted into the program.  You must be between the ages of 13 and 17 to apply, and may reapply yearly.  Approved candidates will be notified of acceptance into the program by November 30th.  All curriculum requirements, including  productions, projects, and oral board, must be completed by May 1st of your senior year.  Certificates are awarded at a ceremony in June.  For information, application procedures, forms, and information click on "Certification" on the tab bar at top of page.


SCHOOL ENRICHMENT PROGRAMS Bring our classes to your school!  A limited number of at-school classes are available for before, during, or after-school enrichment programs.  Length and fees vary depending on length and frequency of class.  Please contact us early as directors are limited.  Home Schools and Privates schools  welcome.


SCHOOL PLAYS - FALL OR SPRING:  Troupe Imaginarium will direct your school drama or musical so that your students will have fun, learn project management and teamwork, and will produce a terrific production.  We'll handle everything from script consultation to auditions and staging.  Fees are negotiable.  Please contact us early as directors and choreographers are limited.


SPECIAL EVENTSThroughout the year we will offer guest artists, directors, in-class performances, speakers, and many other fun and educational events.  Keep checking our website for upcoming dates!



1 & 2-WEEK SUMMER THEATRE CAMPS: Showcase performance on the last afternoon of each session.




$475 ($25 Discount - Military, Siblings, & Registrations received by:  DATE TBA)


❏  June TBA          Mon-Fri    9:30 - 3:30    8-14 yrs      TBA               

❏  July  TBA          Mon-Fri    9:30 - 3:30    8-14 yrs      TBA

❏  Aug. TBA          Mon-Fri    9:30 - 3:30    8-14 yrs      TBA





❏  June TBA          Mon-Fri    9:00 - 3:00    Rising 1st/2nd                     

❏  July  TBA          Mon-Fri    9:00 - 3:00    Rising 2nd/3rd      

❏  Aug. TBA          Mon-Fri    9:00 - 3:00    Rising 4th/5th     




Class size is limited to ensure a productive and creative atmosphere.  Placement on roster is not guaranteed until registration form and full payment, or deposit when applicable, is received.  Drop-ins are welcome at the rate of $20 per class.  Pro-rated registration fee is offered to late registrations for some classes.  Refunds, less 15%, will be offered only if e-mail or written notice is received within 24-hours of first class.  In the case of a withdrawal due to an emergency, credit for the classes missed will be applied to a future class.  All materials are provided unless otherwise noted.  *CD's for some classes are provided by special arrangement with Flutes of Fancy.  Lost or damaged CD's may be replaced for $6.00.  Lost or damaged puppets can be replaced for $3.00.  Lost or damaged scripts can be replaced for $5.00.

 A 10% Sibling, Multiple Class, or Military discount applies.


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